Thursday, November 19, 2009

We do what it takes to help others do better.

To document a few recent DesignAVS activities as the team often operates in stealth mode for others...

11/19/09: This page hummingbird sound clip and other sound in our main website areas Windows XP PC tested only in Firefox and IE today. Contact us if you want the free ability to upload and embed videos in your websites made where everyone gets to hear great Dolby Stereo sound for those with the capability.

11/13/09: Contact us to have us set up a 'free video and audio sharing website' in Beta-development now after many years but still not general 'public' information. Yes we provide a way to share the information you upload to us to all the common public social network video websites including YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, Linked In, Google Video, ... We reduce your advertising burdens by automating processes.

11/7/09: Soon we will share the growing list of companies we help start. Often in stealth secret mode to set apart from competition.

1/2/09: Advertising history sections under construction. In three now and adding search capability because was loading way to slow on some connections. What is your favorite slogan, jingle, or commercial so we can add it? We now have links to Life Cereal: "He likes it, hey Mikey" and from Coca-Cola: "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing ( In Perfect Harmony ). And even a few of the goofy Rainer Beer commercials like the motorcycle and frogs. Note: we use YouTube like everyone while can show you how to better deploy to advertise with more detail and impact. We provide the best possible audio, video, and synchronization improvements as part of our standard advertising, graphics design projects, web development, and SEO services as we keep up with technology trends.

For business projects and ideas. Or if you want to schedule a DesignAVS review of your organization or personal project to know how we might help. Please feel free to contact me directly.

Shaun Maki

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Playing sound / music on Windows PCs in Firefox & Internet Explorer ( IE )

I recently created an animation out of our logo at our main page where the hummingbird's wings flap. I have fed hummingbirds here in Oregon for three years now through the winters and love their sound so included wing and chirping sounds from a feeder.

With a .mp3 file wanted to share it on our main page and wrote some HTML code to do so in a way that is intended to support 90% of computers (in the future will go for more but for that will have to use Java).

The first time I went to our website in Internet Explorer ( IE version 7.0.5730.11) I had to install the windows media player plug in to get it to work.

When I played it the first time in Firefox it played fine but did not have any sound controls to stop, start, rewind, etc. In the place of where the controls should be it said "no video". I discovered this was a known error with the VLC plugin for Firefox so disabled it in Firefox with a Tools > Add-ons then scrolled down to "VLC Multimedia Plugin" and disabled it. This link helped me:

When I closed and opened Firefox again and went to it said I needed a plug-in and when I clicked on it to find something suitable I got an error that no plugin was found. So doing a search I found there is a Firefox Windows Media Player plug in available from Microsoft. I downloaded it and saved it to my computer. Ran the install, closed Firefox, then restarted and it all worked. This linked helped me:

Wanted to share what I did to get sounds to play on my Windows XP PC system in hopes it helps others.