Friday, March 14, 2008

YouTube HD is now Available - Watch it here.

Saw some examples of YouTube HD tonight available online on their website... It is a new feature test available only for some videos. The normal YouTube resolution (native window size) is 320 x 240 pixels and the new YouTube HD resolution is 448 x 336 (Note: our software can do 1280 x 624 or more in a similar file size to the YouTube new videos being tested).

Look for this newly added YouTube switch on some videos "Watch this video in higher quality" to try out the new improved YouTube HD:

YouTube HD Switch to - Watch this video in higher quality.

To see and try the new 'higher quality' switch out for yourself click HERE to be directed to a YouTube video on a dog that skateboards.

Here is what the same new YouTube HD test video looks like compared to the regular YouTube we all know embedded in a website...

YouTube Regular:

YouTube HD:

My feedback is below to the person who clearly knows YouTube HD's current plans for making this available as well as the YouTube HD test strategies:

"Thank you for the interesting and great information on what is going on on the inside. Curious how you know such things and so much ;) Can you share? If so let’s talk.

We find your blog interesting reading. The better quality of the new HD YouTube is welcome in a world where 20% of the HTTP traffic is said to be YouTube videos.

Want to let you know better than the ‘new’ YouTube HD videos online can be watched by clicking on the upper right menu on our website, To see a computer 1080p example on your machine right now click on ‘Spiderman 3′.

The 1080p full screen video there is native 1280 x 624 pixels optimized to play full screen on EXISTING normal notebook computers WITHOUT upgrades including Linux at wi-fi wireless speed and looks great (ten times smaller than the original). 480p is also shown (848 x 436 px) and is sixteen times smaller built for those of us who have old clunkers around to fill up the screen. At similar to the file sizes YouTube uses now, as viewed by checking our temporary files, can do better.

Without our solution original quality HD video at normal connection speeds to watch without delay is not possible. Downloading or waiting for a buffer to fill is a pain and part of why YouTube is so popular today.

Please notice our sound is also way better than YouTube or any others. Current video compression solutions often muffle sound as well as makes it not synchronized to movement /action. Our results not only look the best they sound the best as you will hear when you turn up the speakers if you visit our site.

If anyone knows the decision makers at YouTube have them get in touch with me as can help them after development for seven years and filing our patents. Can enable anyone who wants to distribute HD video online with the best quality in the smallest file sizes. There are millions of existing computers and mobile devices.

Unfortunately, many of the newly touted HD ’solutions’ require new hardware and/or software and often have operating system limitations (examples: Intel, TI, Adobe, Microsoft, …). The big hidden problem is the videos for the new HD ideas of today will only play on a new idea creator’s configuration. What about those of us who want HD on existing machines and ‘old clunkers’? What if someone want to distribute internet advertising to maximize their audience? Smaller files with great look/sound play better today and in the future to make money through bandwidth and storage improvements.

Thank you YouTube for the upgrade to quality in a way it runs on existing machines. Hope to talk about ways of doing things even better.

Glad to answer any questions from anyone. Can prove we are the best anywhere today. For those curious, we are a funded profitable start-up, after just a few weeks officially with our doors open, who sells software and services to those who want to distribute the best HD available anywhere today.

~ SMaki"

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