Thursday, February 28, 2008

Full-screen HD video online without a computer upgrade is now here at wireless speeds!

Get media to the masses immediately.

Millions can now watch the best quality full-screen HD television-like network programming on their existing computers or phones while save money without upgrade expense. Cable-type 'services' are possible to anyone with an online connection possibly on the other side of the globe. Smaller file sizes improve bandwidth and increase storage to save money and make any system work better now and in the future.

Intel has new chips to enable future systems to display HD streaming video online full-screen in the future, as they are in the business to sell new high-end systems. Having to buy new computers just to see quality HD media costs money - especially if you are a large organization.

To see an example right now of our full-screen full-motion HD video online embedded in our website on your computer over your connection please visit: Then use the menu in the upper right. On the menu under 'Spiderman' is same movie trailer as deployed by Sony Pictures, Comcast, YouTube, and MySpace.

What we have works now on the systems of today with the smallest file sizes to reduce storage and bandwidth. It will also make the future systems work better for the same reason. We enable video media in the best quality HD possible to be watched now without delay by the currently installed base of PCs and Apple Mac's without upgrades or plug-ins on any operating system including Linux.

We can input or output any video file format into our video compression transcoding. 'Normal' and 'standard' typical file formats we know work are Flash (.FLV), Microsoft Windows Media Video (.WMV), QuickTime (.MOV), and Audio Video Interleave (.AVI), 3GP, MPEG-4 (MP4), H.264, etc. Something huge goes in and something 10 times or more smaller still great looking comes out the other side. For now we are most often asked to output end-results as Adobe/Macromedia Flash video (.FLV) files as is what most of our customers seem to desire while able to do anything.

We are watching Microsoft Silverlight and Video.Show activities closely as our video compression/transcoding provides the best end results in the smallest files to the Microsoft end-user community as well. We feel the new streaming media channels that can be created are useful to the masses. We can help Silverlight users have the nicest looking video to send around more easily in less bandwidth time and stored in smaller disk space. To write Windows Media Video .WMV file output one needs to be licensed by Microsoft. We are able to input .WMV and output .FLV and there is an example on our upper right menu from the Microsoft HD Content Showcase. We can input .WMV then output a much smaller close-to-original quality .WMV files that look better than anything in the Silverlight world today in full-screen HD without upgrade to hardware or software on existing computer systems. We have the best video compression transcoding available anywhere. Many in the Flash video world have been checking us out and are impressed. Our video compression transcoding will also make the smallest great looking top-quality video for Silverlight/Video.Show environment.

If anyone wants us to compress an example clip we can do it upon request. We have simply the best video compression and transcoding solution on the market.

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